Shura Khan Biography, Sshura Khan, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Arbaaz Khan Wife, Net Worth

Who is Shura Khan, Shura Khan Biography, Life Introduction, Wikipedia, Arbaaz Khan, husband, makeup artist, family, latest news

News has come out in the news of the country and the world which is from Bollywood, which is recently Arbaaz Khan who is brother of Salman Khan. He has married for the second time, you all know that his first marriage was with Malika Arora, he also has children from her but he got divorced a few years ago and after that, he had an affair with a girl. Let us discuss in detail Shura Khan, who got married on Sunday. What is their birthplace, birthplace and education?

Shura Khan Biography, Sshura Khan Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Family, Arbaaz Khan Wife, Net Worth

Full Name shura khan
Birth year 1982
Birth place Mumbai
Father’s name not known
Mother’s name not known
First movie Aurangzeb
First song Punjabi song
Current age 42
Education Devi Public School
Marriage Arbaaz Khan
Property are not known
Upcoming movie Patna Shukla

Who is Shura Khan?

Shura Khan Biography: If we talk about Shura Khan, she is being discussed because recently she got married to Arbaaz Khan. Arbaaz Khan, who she married for the second time, Shura Khan is a makeup artist and at the same time, she does new fashion work.

Arbaaz Khan had an affair with her many years ago, after which Arbaaz Khan proposed to her for marriage. After giving the proposal, he got married on Sunday. If seen, this second marriage of Arbaaz Khan has captured the hearts and minds of the people. Because this marriage took place in Salman Khan’s house after a long time. She is the makeup artist of Raveena Tandon and her daughter.

Shura Khan Age, Birth, early life and career

If we talk about the birth of Shura Khan, he was born in a Muslim family and was born on 5 July 1982. She thought of becoming a makeup artist as her career because she has a lot of interest in this field and talking about her place of birth, she was born in London because she grew up there and was brought up there too. If seen, she was good in studies so she chose this professional as her professional course. Talking about her early life, she spent her life in Mumbai and her youth she went outside the country.

Shura Khan’s Mother and Father

Shura Khan Biography: Talking about Sura Khan’s mother and father, also belongs to a Muslim family. Her mother was a connoisseur of Hindu classical music. She had learned about this knowledge from her mother as well as her parents. He also fully supported him in this field. The names of his parents are not known yet. Sura Khan inherited this art from her mother and due to this art, she has made a name for herself in the Bollywood industry.

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Education of Shura Khan

Talking about education Shura Khan has been living in London since her childhood and during her education, she lived in Mumbai and completed her primary education there. After completing her education, she did her further studies in Dubai. Let us tell you about his school, from where and from which school he studied, the name of his school is, the name of the school in Mumbai in which he completed his primary education is Janaki Devi Public School, Mumbai and Then to complete higher education, she completed the American Scientific School of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Then after further studies, his inclination went towards mencup artists, so he chose mencup artists as his career.

Looks of Shura Khan

Shura Khan Biography: Sura Khan is one of the best actresses of Bollywood who started her film career in 2013 her beauty is unmatched and she has all the qualities of an actress. So, his facial complexion is fair and if we talk about his height, his height is between 5.5 to 6 feet. And looks very nice.

Shura Khan’s behaviour

If we talk about Shura Khan’s behaviour, his behaviour towards people is good and it seems that even after living abroad, his values ​​are completely intact. Her behaviour is very good towards people and also towards the film industry. She also deals very well with her fans. If seen overall, her behaviour is very good. Even after living abroad, she has not forgotten her values ​​and is committed to her work. Along with this, he maintained his values ​​and also maintained good behaviour towards people.

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Shura Khan Makeup Artist Career

Shura Khan Biography: If seen, Sura Khan was very good in her studies and after completing her higher education, she chose acting and makeup artist as her career, first of all, she worked among people as a makeup artist in her career. And then after that she started her career as an actor and from there she had an affair with Arbaaz Khan, the elder brother of Salman Khan. If seen, she is a very big makeup artist in Bollywood and an expert makeup artist in Bollywood for many years.

Shura Khan’s entry into the film world

Sura Khan became famous in the film world as a make-up artist when she saw her beauty, many directors and big actors said that she could become an actor. He had chosen acting as his film career since his childhood. He liked acting very much. He started acting at the age of 16.

  • She started his film career by debuting with Arjun Kapoor’s movie Aurangzeb and then after that. She became fully active in acting and this movie was released in 2013.
  • Then after that, she worked as an actress in Desi Katte, where also her acting was highly praised and she emerged as a new actress.

Shura Khan’s singing career

Shura Khan started her acting career by taking a break from her makeup artist career, after stopping acting, she started her career as a singer in 2019 and she started singing and singing many songs back to back. Went and won the hearts of people. She started his career as a singer and because of his songs in many movies in Bollywood, his record remains on people’s lips because his voice was praised a lot.

Shura khan First Song

Sura Khan sang her first song Punjaban which was a super duper hit, after that, she made the song Susu Kusu for John Abraham’s film Satyamev Jayate in the hearts of people. Currently, she is married to Arbaaz Khan. And there is a wife and together they have become a topic of discussion.

Shura Khan and Arbaaz Khan

Shura Khan Biography: Sura Khan, one of the best actresses of Bollywood, earned money in a relationship with Arbaaz Khan. When the shooting of Patna Shukla was going on and in that shooting, Arbaaz Khan met Sura Khan and from there they started making headlines, but no one heard about their relationship. There has been no news. The talk of Georgia’s relationship with Arbaaz Khan had spread among the people and became a topic of discussion. That he will marry them. But no one knew about Shura Khan’s relationship and it came to light only after the marriage took place.

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Shura Khan and Arbaaz Khan’s Marriage (Latest News)

Shura Khan and Arbaaz Khan's Marriage (Latest News)

Arbaaz Khan married Shura Khan on 24th December, which is his second marriage which his entire family attended. The marriage of this couple took place at the house of Arbaaz and Salman Khan’s sister Arpita. Arbaaz Khan’s brother Salman Khan along with Malaika Arora and her child Arhaan Khan were also present at her wedding. And Arbaaz Khan’s parents and all his relatives were also present.

Shura Khan’s upcoming movie

Arbaaz Khan met Shukla at the film setup in Patna and from there the talk of marriage started, the film can be seen in nearby theatres in 2024.

Sshura Khan Instagram Account

FAQ: Shura Khan Biography

Q: Who is Shura Khan?

Ans: a makeup artist

Q: When was Shura Khan born?

Ans: 5 July 1982

Q: Where is Shura Khan from?

Ans: Mumbai

Q: What is Shura Khan’s current age?

Ans: 42 years

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