Shubman Gill Biography, Century, Age, Instagram, Stats, Wikipedia, Family

Shubman Gill Biography, Century, Age, Instagram, Stats, Wikipedia, Family: Shubman Gill is an Indian cricketer who is mainly known for his ODI and Test cricket matches. their full name is Shubhman Purkash Singh Gill and their birth is 8 September 1999 Were born in the Fazilka district of Punjab.

His inclination towards cricket was visible since childhood and he Fazilka (Punjab) Started his continuous efforts from a very good cricket academy in the district. From there he started his cricket career and progressed to reach the pinnacle today. In today’s entire article, we will tell you how Shubman Gill biography in Hindi Is going to be described in detail.

Shubman Gill biography

Shubman Gill is an Indian cricketer whose Indian Cricket Team Is the opening batsman. The International Cricket Has given very good performances many times in matches and is famous for his impressive batting. some people have Virender Sehwag of the future Has been declared.

Shubhman Gill one day a test Cricketer Who was a great batsman born on 8 September 1999 In Punjab Municipality It happened in the district. He is known for his batting in test matches and ODIs and has recently started playing IPL for Gujarat and has made his name famous throughout the country.

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Shubman Gill Wikipedia

Name Subhmaan Gill
Nickname Rajkumar Morning
Occupation Popular Indian Cricketer
Date of birth 24 years
Age 8 September, 1999
Religion Hindu
Country India
Father’s name Lakhvinder Singh Gil
Mother’s name Kimeta Gil
Wife’s name Shahneel Gill
Salary IPL cost: ₹ 10 lakh

Shubman Gill Family

Shubman Gill biography: Full name is Shubhman Purkash Singh Gill. His family includes his parents and two sisters. his father’s name is Lakhwinder Singh Gill and his mother’s name is Kimeta Gill Is. He has two sisters in his family VK Gill is a badminton player and Shahneel Gill Is.

Let me tell you about these Social Media He doesn’t like much, and that’s why despite being very active, he never shared personal information about his family. social media But haven’t shared. Therefore, their information is less available.

Shubman says that his father had a lot of confidence in his game because when Shubman used to play cricket in the fields of Punjab, his father used to bet that if anyone dismissed Shubman, he would win the match. 100 rupees Will meet. In this way Shubman used to try to play well, he says that their sister very much after his dismissal Joke used to fly and Shubman says that in childhood she mostly hit sixes Used to get out in the matter of. However, while playing cricket among his family members since childhood, his interest in this game grew and today he is one of the most famous cricketers in India. best players Became one of them.

Shubman Gill Instagram and Social Media Accounts

The Career of Shubhman Gill

The Career of Shubhman Gill

Shubman Gill The work is completely based on cricket because he is a very well-known Indian cricket player. He further enhanced his cricketing inclination by practising continuously at the best cricket academy in Punjab.

Shubhman Gill is Known mainly for his speciality and inclination towards cricket. He played in his international cricket Debut in 2019 I did. Indian cricket team at that time New Zealand against a test match. With his excellent performance in many test matches in people’s hearts, The place has been created.

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Shubhman Gill is a very good batsman for the Indian cricket team. batsman Is. He also gave very good performances in youth cricket and at that time Rahul Dravid Was his coach. their ongoing Indian Career Looking at this, we can guess that his performance will improve with time and he will continue to pursue his career like this.

Shubman’s selection in IPL

Shubman the state level But he played very well and looking at his performance in IPL Many teams had planned to include him in their team. Before being a part of his first IPL, the Under-19 World Cup Had performed much better against Pakistan. The result was that they 2018 For the first time in IPL Kolkata Knight Rider (KKR) By 1.8 crores Bought in. After this he made his name through IPL international cricket I cleared it.

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Shubman Gill Best Match

Shubhman Gill There have been many important matches in his career. Below is the list of some important matches in Hindi:

Shubman Gill’s first test match:

  • Date: December 2019
  • Opposing team: New Zealand
  • Place: Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Display: Shubman Gill played brilliant innings of 45 and 65 runs in his first test match.

Shubhman Gill’s ODI International debut:

  • Date: January 2019
  • Opposing team: New Zealand
  • Place: Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Display: He played an excellent inning of 9 runs in his ODI debut.

Shubhman Gill’s first international century:

  • Date: December 2020
  • Opposing team: Australia
  • Place: Adelaide, Australia
  • Display: Shubhman Gill played his first international century, in which he scored 91 runs.

Special innings of Shubhman Gill:

  • Date: January 2021
  • Opposing team: Australia
  • Place: Brisbane, Australia
  • Display: He showed his speciality in this match and played an important inning of 91 runs, which helped India win the match.

In the appropriate section, we have given you the list of important matches played by him but apart from this he has performed so well in many matches.

Shubman Gill Achievements

Shubhman Gill has the following achievements:-

  1. ICC Under 19 World Cup 2018: Shubhman Gill participated in this World Cup with the Indian Under-19 Cricket Team and performed well in the tournament. He scored 372 runs at an average of 124.00 and his best innings was 102*.
  2. IPL (Indian Premier League): Shubhman Gill is a player of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) team in IPL. He has performed well in many important innings and created his records.
  3. World Test Championship 2021: Shubhman Gill participated in the World Test Championship 2021 with the Indian Test Team. He especially played an inning of 28 runs in the final match and made an important contribution to India’s victory.

These are just some of the achievements and there are many more achievements of Shubhman Gill in his cricket career. He has also made significant contributions in his youth cricket career.


Q. When is Shubhman Gill’s birthday?

Shubhman Gill’s birthday is on 8 September 1999.

Q. What is the age of Shubhman Gill?

Shubhman Gill’s current age is 23 years.

Q. When did Shubhman Gill’s cricket career start?

He started playing for the Indian cricket team at the under-16 and under-19 level and then broke into the main team.


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