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Arun Yogiraj Wikipedia, Biography, Sculptor Ram Mandir, Age, ife, Twitter: Biography of sculptor Arun Yogiraj, statue of Ramlala, statue of Ram, where do you live from, Wife, Family, Age, career (Arun Yogiraj Wikipedia) (sculptor, Shilpi, Sculpture, Age, Ram Statue, Family, Wife, Idol, Career)

The construction of Shri Ram Temple is a wonderful art in itself and has the power to attract tourists. After the tourists see such artwork made by the local artists, they will be overwhelmed from within and will jump with joy, and when you see the statue of Ram Lalla, it will be a symbol that we have come to Treta Yuga Because after looking at the idol it seems that Lord Shri Ram wants to say something. So such a wonderful statue has been created by such a great personality, whose name is Arun Yogiraj.

The idol made by him will attract you and on 22 January 2024, the idol made by him will be installed in Ayodhya city. Who is this Arun Yogiraj ji, in this article we are going to give you detailed information about him. You read Arun Yogiraj Wikipedia on the Bharat Results Website.

Arun Yogiraj Wikipedia

Full Name Arun Yogiraj Shilpi
Birth year 1987
birth place Mysore
Education MBA
College not known
occupation sculptor
How big is the statue of Ramlala 51 inches
Shankaracharya’s statue 12 feet
Consecration of the statue of Ramlala 22 January 2024
Respect He received the Young Talent Award by the Central Government in 2014.
Amount Aries
current discussion Because of building the idol of Ramlala
construction of other statues Statue of Subhash Chandra Life-size statue of Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa


Who is Arun Yogiraj

Arun Yogiraj Wikipedia

Arun Yogiraj Wikipedia: Arun Yogiraj does not need any identity, because the statue of Ramlala built by him will be installed in Ayodhya on 22 January 2024. Arun Yogiraj ji, as a sculptor, has created many statues, due to which he has already been encouraged by our Prime Minister about his artwork. Because he has made the statues of many great personalities who lived around 1000 years ago, the credit for making their statues also goes to him. The statues that are created by them appear as if they want to say something.

Birth and early life of Arun Yogiraj

There are doubts about the birth of the great sculptor, nothing is known about his birth when he was born, but according to an estimated date it can be said that he was born around 1987, Talking about the place of birth, it was in Karnataka in the southern region of India. If seen, he has inherited this profession as a sculptor, because his father was also a famous sculptor, his father had received education from Gurukul and from there he had chosen his traditional profession. You read Arun Yogiraj Wikipedia on the Bharat Results Website.

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Arun Yogiraj Wife and Family

father’s name Yogiraj Shilpi
mother’s name Saraswati
wife’s name Vijaytaruni
Children not known

Arun Yogiraj Produced by Ram ji’s Idol Selected

Arun Yogiraj, a famous sculptor, his name is on the lips of the people, the parents who gave birth to such a great personality must not be ordinary people, because he has received such art from his parents and ancestors only. Using this, today his name resonates all over India. His mother’s name is Saraswati, when she came to know that her son Arun Yogiraj was making and giving the final shape to the idol of Ramlala, she was very happy and jumped with joy and she also told herself that she was Ramlala.

The idol which will be placed in the sanctum sanctorum will try its best to reach there on 22 January 2024 and it will give her great pleasure to hear with her ears the praise of her son in the form of a display of art. When it was announced by the Union Minister that the idol of Ramlala built by Arun Yogiraj will be placed in the sanctum sanctorum of Ayodhya temple on 22 January 2024. When this news reached his wife, she asked how should I process this now. I don’t understand how to thank you.

He also said that this is a very happy day for us and we will never forget this moment. Union Minister Prahlad Joshi has said, “Where there is Ram, there is Hanuman”. This statue has been made by Arun Yogiraj. His statue has been named. You read Arun Yogiraj Wikipedia on the Bharat Results Website.

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Education of Arun Yogiraj

Talking about the education of Arun Yogiraj, completed his Master’s education in 2008, and he has done a Master’s of Business Administration in Master. If we talk about his primary education, he received his education from the school in his area only. He was very good at studies, so he completed his Master’s degree and at the same time, he worked in a private company for many years.

Arun Yogiraj looks

height 5.5 to 6 feet
eyes Black
the face blond
Hair black

Arun Yogiraj inherited this art

Arun Yogiraj Wikipedia: Arun Yogiraj’s ancestors received an education in Gurukul. After receiving education, he started making an important contribution in this field. His ancestors had also created many statues. His grandfather had said about 35 or 36 years ago that Arun Yogiraj would also become famous as a sculptor and if seen today, his words have proved to be true.

Then after some time, Arun Yogiraj left his private job and chose the business of his ancestors and after making the idol of Ram Lalla, his name started resonating in all areas. From North to South, from East to West, the name of Arun Yogiraj is being discussed everywhere.

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Other by Arun Yogiraj making statues

Ever since Arun Yogiraj ji started considering the profession of his ancestors as his profession, he has created many statues by following this profession, the names of some of the famous statues are as follows.

  • The statue of Shankaracharya which is installed in Kedarnath,
  • Subhash Chandra’s statue was installed near India Gate in Delhi,
  • A life-size statue of Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa in Mysore,
  • The statue of Brihat Nandi, carved from a single rock,
  • Statue of Swamiji Shiv Kumar,
  • Statue of Maa Banashkari,
  • Life size statue of Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar etc.
  • Apart from these, Arun Yogiraj ji has also made statues of Lord Shiva, Shri Krishna and Hanuman ji.

Created by Arun Yogiraj Shankaracharya Ji statue of

The idol of Shankaracharya was built by Arun Yogiraj even before the idol of Ram Lalla, which it became a subject of much discussion at that time because the idol of Shankaracharya was built in such a way as if our ascetic Shankaracharya ji was sitting in front of us. He was greatly encouraged and praised for his artwork and the construction of this statue was huge. This type of 12-foot statue was built in Saraswati Puram in Mysore.

Construction of the idol of Ramallah by Arun Yogiraj Ji

Arun Yogiraj is being discussed in the present time because he has built the idol of Lord Shri Ramchandra ji, the king of Treta Yuga of Ayodhya, and he has said that he worked day and night to build this idol. One has been made, and the Prime Minister of our country praised the statue and said that it is a display of good art in itself. And making the idol of Ramallah was not an easy task. The idol of Ramlala will be placed in the sanctum sanctorum on 22 January 2024 where big personalities will be present for the consecration.

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Property near Arun Yogiraj

Arun Yogiraj ji says that he does his profession as a sculptor with great heart, he works for 15 to 16 hours. Then somewhere a statue is built, and if we talk about his wealth, then he has an estimated amount of four to five crore rupees, although the wealth keeps increasing and decreasing.

Arun Yogiraj received the honour

  • He received the Young Talent Award by the Central Government in 2014.
  • State Utsav Award by Mysore District Authority and Government of Karnataka.
  • Craft Kaustubh Award by Craftsmen Association
  • Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has also honoured him.
  • UN Secretary-General Kofi Anna praised him
  • He was honoured by the Mysore royal family
  • He was also honoured by Mysore Sports Academy.
  • The Vice Chancellor of Mysore University also honoured him.

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FAQ: Arun Yogiraj Wikipedia

Q: Who is Arun Yogiraj?

Ans: A renowned sculptor.

Q: What is the name of Arun Yogiraj’s wife?

Ans: Vijaytaruni.

Q: How big is the statue of Ramlala built by Arun Yogiraj?

Ans: The idol of Ram Lalla has been made of 51 inches.

Q: When was Arun Yogiraj born?

Ans: It happened in 1987.

Q: What studies has Arun Yogiraj done?

Ans: MBA

Q: Arun Yogiraj How to become a sculptor?

Ans: This was the profession of the ancestors of Arun Yogiraj and he later chose it.

Q: When will the idol of Ram Lala made by Arun Yogiraj be consecrated?

Ans: 22 January 2024